Edmund Rice Homestead
East Sudbury, MA
Four Families of Nova Scotia


Family Pages:
  • David Bent family
  • Ebenezer Rice family
  • Beriah Rice family
  • John Rice family
  • Edmund Rice (1638) Association

  • Other Helpful Links: Kings County (NS) Historical Society
  • Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia
  • Annapolis County Cemetery records

        These pages contain information about descendants of four families who settled in Nova Scotia in the mid 1700s. The three Rice families and Bent family were New England Planters who settled in the Annapolis Valley in 1760. All three of the Rice husbands, two of the Rice wives, and the Bent husband and wife were descendants of Edmund Rice who was first recorded in Sudbury, Massachusetts in 1638.       Because the Annapolis Valley was a rather small community in the late 1700s and early 1800s, there were many marriages within a small number of families. In the Rice files, you will find many occurrences of other well researched families, such as Banks, Harris, McDormand/McDermand, Potter, Spurr, and Whitman.

    To protect the privacy of living descendants your author has included only the first five generations of descendants of these families. Your author will be glad to exchange more complete information for your direct family line. You can contact me at: George King

    Wayne W. Walker has given permission to post a copy of his Abstracts from the Court of Probate Records for Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. These abstracts are a must for anyone researching Annapolis County families before 1938 or Digby County before 1838.

    You will find helpful hints for your search at the beginning page for each family file.

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